Friday, July 27, 2007

HBO Source Confirms Alternate 'Sopranos' Ending

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Rumors have been floating around about an alternate Sopranos ending weeks before the series finale ever aired — and according to a source at HBO who worked on the show, the rumors are true.

The source, who wishes to remain anonymous and spoke to TV Blogger exclusively, claims that there was indeed another ending planned, comprising of the same scenes in a different sequence, with a minor alterations.

In the alternate ending the planned sit down at Phil's house was intended to be a hit on Tony, stopped only because Little Carmine was the FBI snitch. Phil’s murder preceded the death of Bobby and shooting of Sil.

Tony’s flight marked the end of the war and the series.

In ‘Second Coming’ we witness Tony curb-stomp Coco, Little Carmine convince him that he needs to apologize and the two go for a sit down at Phil's house. Upon their arrival, Butchie comes to the door and informs them there’s been a change of plans and the sit down is cancelled.

When Little Carmine and Tony are walking away, Phil screams at them from the window. But he isn't just berating Tony, he's yelling at Little Carmine too. Little Carmine asks Phil what happened and Phil responds that "Cooler heads prevailed."

Despite the fact the scene is exactly the same, Phil’s statement refers to the abortion of the planned hit, abandoned because New York learned of Little Carmine being the FBI informant.

After Phil rejects Tony's peace plea, the Soprano crew muscles up (straight to the mattress), leading to Phil’s death in the parking lot. The onslaught against the Jersey crew, most notably Bobby’s murder and the attack on Sil, is not a pre-emptive strike but retaliation to Phil’s murder.

Out manned by the New York families, Tony is forced to go into hiding. The scenes which show Tony taking care of personal affairs are rearranged to represent his permanent flight. The final scene at the diner ends the same way; only the Sopranos are on the lam in a “Last Supper” of sorts.

Considering the facts, the evidence supports the source’s claim. Phil passes on a perfect opportunity to kill Tony. Instead of inviting the defenseless boss of New Jersey into his house, he turns him away. Why abandon the planned hit, only to immediately go to war against the Jersey family?

The death of Phil being the trigger for blood shed also fits. Rather than mark victory for the Soprano crew, his murder is their demise. With Bobby's death and Sil's coma, the image of Tony falling asleep holding the assault rifle to his chest represents Jersey’s defeat.

Little Carmine being the FBI informant also makes more sense, considering how minor of a character Carlo was. How much does the audience really know about Carlo? How much of a threat is he to Tony? The reason the mob operates in a hierarchy is to create a layer between the boss and everyone else. Realistically speaking, a medium-level Lieutenant flipping wouldn't damage Tony much at all.

Accepting the notion that Tony is on the lam, the final scene carries much greater weight, providing less room for speculation. With a bounty on Tony’s head, each patron in the diner is a genuine threat. His fate is legitimately in question and everything that makes the final scene so dramatic — the music, camera work and abrupt ending — falls into place.

HBO representatives declined comment on the content of this article. The source was not aware of what the decision making process was and did not know whether a final cut of the alternate ending exists.

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit?

JerseyMobCrew609 said...

Is this ending going to be on the DVD?

eistaf said...

If its true, thats stupid they didnt go with that ending. It seems way better.

Anonymous said...

There's no way this is true. It would have come out by now.

jasonfriday13 said...

I don't know anon. Everything fits together perfectly. I don't see any plot holes myself. At the least Chase probably wrote out this ending

MultiSantana said...

knew it was bound to happen eventually. david chase would not just plan one ending if he wanted to keep it a secret. but everything comes out eventually

Beantownfansox said...

I wonder if they are going to put it on the DVD release.

Anonymous said...

Whether true or false, I personally find the ending far more appealing than what was presented as a finale. It is almost sliding doors with a rational twist.

ejluther said...

Thanks a lot - it's very interesting and certainly sounds like it could work the way you've described. I wonder what the reaction would have been if that's the way it had aired? Would people have liked a "Sopranos on the lam" ending better than the "Choose your own fate for Tony" one - would fans have felt more or less closure? More specifically, how would this revised edit have affected the reactions to the cut-to-black?

darkestboy said...

I don't know. Neither really offer as much closure as you would want from a series that has ran as long as this.

TheKman2 said...

All of the talk that Little Carmine was taking Tony to Phil's house to get killed was talked about before. There is a huge flaw in the theory. If Phil's statement that "Cooler heads prevailed" meant that Phil had decided to call of Tony's hit at the last second, why would he say that in front of Tony??? That would just be the tip off that Little Carmine betrayed him and that T was set up to be whacked. If Phil at the last second decided not to kill Tony he would then not tell Tony of that fact. It makes no sense. The whole "on the lam" thing at Holstens makes no sense either. Tony and his family don't exactly seem scared. They all come in seperately. They seem to be in NJ as "Holsten's" is located in NJ. Not buying this one. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


I don't see it..

Either way, why would he be addressing Tony? He's just turned down a peace offering and he plans to go to war with Jersey. What is it that stopped him from starting that war right then and there?

clancy25 said...

It's hard for me to say if I would have liked the ending better without seeing for myself how this alternate take would have played out (assuming any of this is true). The scene in the diner would have to have some significant changes to make an on-the-lam scenario plausible. Like you said, EJLuther, the conversation and actions of the characters (like hiding out in a popular NJ eatery, strolling in one-by-one, and Meadow spending a lifetime parking a flashy car in the middle of a fairly busy area) doesn't lend it itself to this alternative.

King of Wakanda said...

See, ejluther, there is definitive evidence that the Holstein's scene was re-shot. If you recall, in HBO's screen-shots before "Made in America" aired, Tony was wearing a different shirt than we saw once the episode aired. This doesn't support the latest alternative ending theory in any substantial way, but does confirm that the Diner scene was re-shot for some reason (or, as according to some rumors, multiple Diner shots were done).

Anonymous said...

this would make sense about meadow parking all crazy and them comin in one by one